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John Massoud
VP / Principal

Troller Mayer Associates (TMA) are professional staff includes Professional Landscape Architects, Designers, Engineers, Planners, Horticulturists, Construction Managers, Graphic Designers, and Computer Experts complemented by management and marketing specialists. The principals of the Firm are highly qualified professionals with national and international experience. The result is a balanced commercial enterprise with an outstanding level of expertise in Landscape, Architecture-related Planning and Design techniques.

Firm's Approach to Landscape Architecture 

TMA’s Standard Services involves a design process that includes Developers, City Council, Public Work City Engineer, and a close partnership with all concerned public agencies. We offer full due diligence as it relates to documented and investigative research of the site and site context as well as any future planning issues. This involves a participatory partnership with stakeholders and includes on-site meetings.

Projects in the privet & public sector bring with them special conditions. TMA analyzes the site and client requirements and designs for accessibility, public safety and security cost efficiency, and maintenance.  Additionally, TMA often facilitates and participates in inter-agency meetings to build consensus and coalitions, which result in successful projects.

The firm’s approach is grounded in our commitment to partnering with client, agencies and the City staff to develop projects that are environmentally and economically sustainable and reflect the goals of the client and stakeholders.  TMA's expertise in sustainable planning and, soil and water conservation and best management practices (BMPs), support the establishment of aesthetically pleasing projects that conserve resources. 

This unique blend of a thoughtful design process and professional expertise builds positive working relationship with our clients and results in successful projects.  TMA is committed working with clients, neighborhood groups and public agencies in building coalitions to improve the quality of life in on our communities.

Troller Mayer Associates, Inc. (TMA) employs an integrated project approach that engages stakeholders in a collaborative team effort to develop a detailed understanding of project goals and to identify the most responsive and effective solutions. The development process is begun with a Teaming Meeting conducted with all stakeholders to introduce team members and their specific responsibilities, discuss project goals and promote teaming strategies to meet those goals. Management of this process involves a clear understanding of responsibilities and obtaining acceptance of key decisions by stakeholders, with decisions clearly documented.

Our Story

A native Californian, Troller was born and raised in Glendale. While studying landscape architecture at University of California, Berkeley he worked at the San Francisco offices of Eckbo, Royston and Williams, drafting and designing graphics. Royston convinced Troller to pursue an M.L.A., which he received in 1950. Returning to Southern California, he worked briefly for Fred Barlow, Jr., before joining the office of Ralph Cornell as principal designer. Cornell made Troller and Bill Bridgers, who had joined the practice in 1953, partners in the firm Cornell, Bridgers and Troller in 1955. As Director of Design and Planning, Troller oversaw a growing staff of designers as the firm expanded outside Southern California to include national work with the Ford Motor Company in Detroit (1955), expanding internationally with the Nile Hilton in Cairo in 1959. Projects of note designed by Troller include the University of California, Los Angeles’ Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden and Inverted Fountain; Grand Park, Los Angeles; and the Los Angeles City Hall East Mall. He was elected Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects in 1992. Troller left the firm in 1978, opening his own practice Howard E. Troller Associates, and later Troller Mayer Associates, Inc. with Richard Mayer.

Richard Mayer is a  professional landscape architect who for 30 years has been a senior partner in Troller Mayer Associates, Inc. Mr. Mayer has professional experience in the United States and abroad as a planner, designer, author and teacher. He holds a B.S. in Environmental Design from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and a Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard University. As a planner and designer, Mayer has worked on a wide range of projects, specializing in master planning, program development, project implementation and administration. He has recently served as Chair of Instructors and teaches in the Landscape Architecture Program at UCLA Extension and has taught at UC Davis, at Cal Poly Pomona, and at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. Mr. Mayer is author of numerous papers and articles pioneering ideas in energy conservation, community open space, the use of drought tolerant plants, sustainable landscape design, bicycle facility development, landscape restoration and end use planning of landfills. Active in professional and community affairs, Richard Mayer served on the City of Los Angeles Community Forest Advisory Committee and was a Board member of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust. He served as a member of the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council and as Co-Chair of its Land Use and Planning Committee. Mr. Mayer is a past president of the Southern California Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), was a National ASLA Trustee to the Southern California Chapter.

Our Team

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